36th Street Core & Shell Project

Owner: 256-26 LLC
Architect: John Saracco Architect, LLC.

The project on 36th street includes the addition of 6 concrete frame floors on top of an existing 6 floor concrete building. New steel pilings were installed in the cellar to support new columns and shafts for the addition. Underpinning of the adjacent building footings was required to install the new dual elevator shaft.

New concrete stair towers were within the existing structure and extend up to the new floors. These installations required a coordinated effort to remove existing concrete floors and beams ahead of the new concrete shaft walls installed from floor to floor. In order to facilitate the removals without compromising the existing structural integrity of the building, extensive steel shoring was installed throughout the building.

The facade work  also required shoring to allow for the removal of the existing brick facade wall. New concrete columns and beams were installed to support the new precast facade.